Virtual CIO

Your company is doing great and growing…

Now, you really need someone to look over your technology and make sure you are on the right path. You also think you can be doing more to leverage technology to increase your revenue. Having a full-time CIO or CTO is expensive and you know you can use that money other places.

You are not alone. Many companies are in a similar situation, especially with the current economy.  Contact us for more information.

So what do you do? You can hire a Virtual CIO.


A NewSouth Interactive virtual CIO watches after your technology and business and makes sure you are getting the most from your technology dollars. He is there when you need him but you don’t have to pay when he’s not.

You get the advantage of having a experienced CIO on call without worrying about the expense of having someone there full-time. Or you have an extra hand when you have an overflow of projects and your IT managers have their hands full.

The NewSouth Interactive Virtual CIO offers:

  • Virtual Quickstart Program
    • A quickstart assessment to get your Virtual CIO up and going quickly
  • Full IT Assessment
    • A full evaluation of the current state of your technology and processes
  • IT Systems and Risk Auditing
    • An overall assessment of your systems and you may be exposed to risks
  • New Technology Deployment
    • We can help you begin using cloud, mobile, business intelligence, social media, artificial intelligence, and other new technologies.
  • Project Management Support Program
    • Making sure your projects are planned and successfully executed
  • Process and Methodology Assessment
    • We can help you implement Agile, RAD, or even waterfall methodologies. We work to customize a methodology specifically for your business.
  • Team Building
    • Strategic guidance with hiring, training, and growing.
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy
    • Making sure you are protected if a disaster happens.
  • Vendor Management
    • Evaluation of vendors and managing successful implementations
  • Troubleshooting
    • Sometimes you need another expert viewpoint to solve difficult issues

We know the questions to ask and the places to look to discover hidden issues that will cause problems later. You may have questions about your IT abilities such as:

  • Are my systems reliable and capable of meeting your business needs?
  • Can I be doing more to get more bang for my IT buck?
  • Am I getting the value that I should be getting from current IT investments?
  • How can I upgrade my capabilities to reduce costs, increase sales and handle volume increases. Where do I start?
  • Is that software upgrade really worth it? How do I know?

We can help you answer these questions and put your technology on the right track.

If you are having questions or second thoughts about your technical direction, contact us and we can help you work through the issues.

Our Virtual CIO service provides industry leading IT consulting for design, application development, CMS and platform selection, staff training, and expert level problem resolution, as well as IT project management. You may have a good mid-level IT staff or maybe just a couple of IT personnel, but are looking for a way to add broad industry experience for 1/10th the cost of a base level CIO. If this is you, our Virtual CIO service is for you.

Our Virtual CIO service provides:

  • Initial technology assessment
  • Strategy IT planning
  • Quarterly reviews of IT results and plans
  • Personnel reviews and recruiting
  • Software and vendor evaluation

An Example of our Virtual CIO services:

Software and Infrastructure Assessment

  • Full IT Assessment
    • A review of your overall IT health covering hardware and software and security.
  • Documented Findings
    • A comprehensive report card outlining areas of strength, weakness, and recommendations.
  • Presentation of Recommendations
    • Presenting you areas critical to your business survival (back-ups, setup firewall, etc) and areas you should do to maintain business continuity (upgrade systems, system monitoring, virtual servers, etc.).
  • Upgrade and Services Implementation
    • Planning and execution of mutually agreed upon recommendations.
  • Ongoing Assessment of the Current State of Your IT Systems
    • Continually assessment of your IT business needs over time.

Virtual CIO:

  • Top quality IT Executive Expertise when need it.
  • Pay only for the time you use.
  • Virtual CIO methodology is designed for small and mid-sized operations.
  • Virtual CIO complements your current IT skills and staff.

Sometimes a Virtual CIO is referred to as:

  • Fractional CIO
  • Part-time CIO
  • CIO on demand
  • Virtual CTO
  • Fractional CTO
  • Part-time CTO
  • CTO on demand

We can help with your technology strategy in all of these roles.

Contact us for more details.