The Importance of Pay Per Click (PPC)

Many sites are built but not many sites get significant traffic. It is a difficult chore to get your site noticed, even if you are providing a valuable service. There is considerable effort and cost that goes into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rightfully so. If you can dial up the magic combination that gets your site organic traffic from a search engine, your site can flourish.

SEO takes time. For one, it takes time for your site to be indexed. Another reason is that new sites generally suffer in things like Page Rank and length of time being indexed so it won’t rank high overall.

This is where Pay Per Click comes in. PPC through sites like Google will bring people to your site based on keywords that you choose immediately. It can kickstart your site into overdrive as soon as your campaign starts. The best things about PPC are:

  • Immediate Traffic
  • Cost Effective
  • Keyword Based
  • Great Analytical Tools

Many people make the mistake of not trying PPC because of the cost. The truth is that it can be very inexpensive to try and if you get success from it, it pays for itself. In some ways, it is more cost effective than many SEO programs that you see pitched all over the internet. Paying someone a lot of money for SEO doesn’t necessarily mean you will see returns from it. PPC is sure to bring people to your site and if you pick the right keywords, it will be people ready to buy your product or service.

PPC is a bit of a puzzle to do correctly though. You have to figure out a budget per day, what keywords you want to use, and what is the best way to optimize your budget. I suggest you start will a small budget and analyze it every day to determine what is most successful for you. The tools to analyze PPC are amazing and you can get very granular in the study of what works for your site.

If you don’t know where to start on a PPC campaign, find a good consultant (maybe someone like NewSouth Interactive). A good consultant will help you setup a campaign and start attracting people to your site.

I just setup a new client today with PPC and they are already seeing the benefits of the campaign. The site is new and has no links to it yet so it had very little traffic before the campaign. Continue to work on your SEO too, but if you need to get immediate traffic, PPC is the way to go. Build an integrated campaign of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click for best results.