Website Design and Development

Your website is the virtual extension of your business.

And in today’s world, more is expected of your company’s online presence.

Many companies have simple websites that are not much more than an electronic brochure. In today’s competitive marketplace, a brochure site can be a big mistake. Today’s sites must allow you to interact with your customers, prospects and partners. NewSouth Interactive can help you design and develop a site that builds your relationships and allows you to generate more business.

Mobile applications let you take your company to another group of customers and build competitive advantages over your competition. We can help you design and deploy Android and iPhone applications as well as make your site mobile ready.

It’s not just as easy as throwing up a new site. We will work with you to understand your business and where you want it to go. Once we understand your business, we can design a virtual presence that helps you get there.

Our process while working with clients:

  • Consultation
    • An analysis of your overall business.
  • Development of a Web Strategy
    • A blueprint for the recommended development.
  • Design
    • Graphic design and application design.
  • Development
    • Building out the design, quality testing, getting feedback.
  • Launch
    • The unveiling of your new web strategy to the world.
  • Promotion
    • Utilizing marketing and social media to bring people to you.
  • Site Analytics
    • Measuring and monitoring key elements in your strategy.
  • Adjustments
    • Continually modifying the strategies based on analytics and market conditions.

We analyze your business by looking at:

  • Your Business Presence
    • What you are currently doing, on and offline.
  • Your Competition and Overall Market
    • Who they are and what strategies they are using.
  • Current Capabilities
    • What you can do right now.
  • Processes
    • How you manage your current line of business.
  • Your Team
    • How you support your business.
  • Other Potential Revenue Streams
    • Can you generate other revenue streams with your products?

It begins with a consultation, utilizing NewSouth’a analysis and usability expertise. We have strong design teams that focus on your company’s business objectives. We want to create sites that deliver the experience you want your visitors to have and also support your business strategies.

Once we have built the site, we monitor the traffic and visitor analysis to continually adjust your site and bring more people to it. It’s important not to put a site out on an island and just hope people find it.

We will define a strategy to bring people to your site by using all of our expertise in social media to leverage your expertise and knowledge of your marketplace.

Contact us and let’s get started on the process today.