Web Site Analysis

Over the years, we evaluated and analyzed thousands of sites.  This experience has helped up quickly pick up on strengths and weaknesses of sites and ways to improve them. It’s good to have a set of experienced fresh eyes look over your efforts and offer their opinion. 

We’ll take a look at your site  and tell you things such as:

  • Is your site fast and efficient in serving up pages?
  • Is your site performing well on the search engines?
  • Is your technology capable and up-to-date?
  • Is your site easy-to-use?
  • Does your site effectively promote your message?
  • Can your site benefit from social media additions?
  • Is your site a good candidate for a Content Management System?

We provide you the results of our analysis including recommendations of how to improve your site.

Sometimes we can identify small changes or additions that can make a world of difference. Sometimes we recommend that you start thinking about a site rebuild. We will take into account the type of site, the potential of the site, and your budget and goals in our recommendation.

We can also analysis of your site, code, processes, and other technical or custom areas and give you help with improving these areas. In addition, we provide video of our site evaluation and analysis.

Contact us and let’s get started today.