Kentico CMS – An Excellent SharePoint Replacement

Critics of Microsoft’s SharePoint point to cost and complexity as some of the issues they encounter when deploying SharePoint solutions.  SharePoint certainly is an impressive product and valuable tool but there are other options in the Microsoft world that should also be considered.

Kentico is a terrific option to SharePoint.  It runs on Microsoft technologies and offers and easy to use content management system.  Kentico isn’t shareware but the cost can be considerably less than the cost to deploy SharePoint.

I’ve personally deployed hundreds of content management systems and I know the pros and cons of each one.  Other than it not being a free system, I don’t have many complaints with Kentico, certainly rare in the world of CMS reviews.  Kentico really is that good.

Let me list a few of the positives of Kentico:

  • Easy-to-use content management
  • Flexible development platform based on Microsoft technologies
  • Very robust built-in capabilities
  • A strong and extensible security model
  • Separate modules for content management and site management
  • Ability to add your own modules easily through Kentico’s “Web Parts”
  • Complete solution including e-commerce, message boards, newsletter, workflow, etc
  • Integration with outside systems like Facebook, Active Directory, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Open ID

Best of all, Kentico is easier to deploy and manage than SharePoint.  The system includes a lot of functionality out of the box but allows for extensive customization.  It has over 300 built-in web parts and the ability to add your own.

For us at NewSouth Interactive, Kentico is a valuable tool in developing highly customized web applications used for both web sites and intranets.  We’ve used it to develop extensive data dashboard, content delivery mechanisms, and other functionality for our clients.

As I said above, I’ve deployed hundreds of content managements systems so I’ve have experience working with many different CMS over the years.  In the projects where I’ve used Kentico, I’ve never found limitations that kept us from deploying any functionality challenges we encountered.  That is high praise for Kentico.

If you want to explore the possibilities of various content management systems and are open to a Microsoft environment, you should consider Kentico.  We would be happy to help you analyze your needs and the right fit for you.