NewSouth Interactive

Web site design, development and marketing. Many people do these things. How are we different?

We have years of experience in evaluating and improving web initiatives. While we have expertise in web technology, design and content development, our focus is our client’s business. We help them first on the business level. And then we find the most appropriate way to share that perspective through their web site.

[note class=”info”]When you talk with our competitors, you will hear about all the technologies that they sell. With NewSouth Interactive, you will find that our focus is on your business.[/note]

We will help you with technology consulting and delivering technologies like RSS feeds, promotional videos, blogs or other innovative social gathering tools. You site will gain increased Web traffic through these methods and through targeted search engine marketing.

We will also add web analytics to your site so you can see how your site is growing and which methods are working the best for your site. Videos, podcasts and email campaigns are all great ways to attract visitors and get them to stay on your site longer. And longer visits mean more business for you.

What we doNewSouth Interactive can help you with your technology needs:

What We Do:

  • Virtual CIO
    • Help when you need it
  • Outsourced Development
    • Excellent US and offshore development teams to save you money
  • CMS Implementation and Support
    • Content Management Consulting and Implementation
  • Methodology Assessment and Coaching
    • Agile, Lean, RAD, Extreme
  • Team Building
    • Help with Hiring, Training, Growing
  • Project Management
    • Technical management of projects
  • Innovative Technical Solutions to Business Problems
    • We solve complex business problems with innovative technology

Who We Are:

  • Business Minded
    • We are always thinking of ways you can use technology to generate revenue
  • Experienced, professional, reliable
    • You can count on us to get the results you need
  • Highly Experienced in Internet Design and Development
    • Developed and managed hundreds of websites
  • Executive Level Approach
    • Executive perspective but communicate well with technology teams
  • Start-up, Small Company, and Large Company Experience
    • Whatever you level of business, we can help