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The Google Instant Alphabet – The Holy Grail for SEO

Recently, Google released instant search. Google Instant Search means as you are typing in your search terms, Google instantly displays results on every keystroke.

Thinking about this, I came up with a couple of interesting ideas. One, advertising on partial keywords and letters will be more important. For instance, advertising on a keyword like “insur” or “automo” will get you shown even before the complete word is typed into the search engine.

Taking that a step farther, coming up on partial searches organically is also more important now.

This changes the whole game!

The SEO holy grail is coming up on a single letter, basically the Google instant alphabet. The instant alphabet shows results of the biggest and most important brands in the world. Having your site displayed on an alphabet search is the height of SEO.

Here are the currently biggest brands based on the Google instant alphabet:

A Amazon, AOL, Apple, ATT, Alumz.
B Bank of America, Best Buy, Bing.
C Craigslist, Costco, CNN, Chase.
D Dictionary, Disneyland.
E Ebay, ESPN, Expedia, Evite.
F Facebook, Fandango
G Gmail, Google maps, Google.
H Hotmail, Hulu, Home Depot, HP.
I Iphone, Ikea, IMDB.
J Justin Bieber, Jet Blue, Java.
K Kroger, Kaiser, Kayak, Kohls.
L Lowes, LinkedIn, Limewire.
M Mapquest, Myspace, MSN.
N Netflix, Nordstrom, NBA.
O Office Depot, Orbitz.
P Pandora, Publix, Paypal, Petco.
Q QVC, Quicktime.
R REI, Ross.
S Skype, Sears, Southwest Airlines.
T Target, Twitter, Thesaurus, Travelocity.
U USPS, UPS, United Airlines.
V Verizon, Virgin Mobile.
W Weather, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Webbieworld, Wikipedia.
X Droid X, Xbox, XM Radio, Xfinity.
Y Yahoo, Youtube Yelp.
Z Zappos, Zillow, Zynga.

The Importance of Pay Per Click (PPC)

Many sites are built but not many sites get significant traffic. It is a difficult chore to get your site noticed, even if you are providing a valuable service. There is considerable effort and cost that goes into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rightfully so. If you can dial up the magic combination that gets your site organic traffic from a search engine, your site can flourish.

SEO takes time. For one, it takes time for your site to be indexed. Another reason is that new sites generally suffer in things like Page Rank and length of time being indexed so it won’t rank high overall.

This is where Pay Per Click comes in. PPC through sites like Google will bring people to your site based on keywords that you choose immediately. It can kickstart your site into overdrive as soon as your campaign starts. The best things about PPC are:

  • Immediate Traffic
  • Cost Effective
  • Keyword Based
  • Great Analytical Tools

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MIT Courses Online for FREE

You can find lots of educational information online for free. Sure, you won’t get a degree from it but just think of the knowledge that you can get by going through the MIT online courses.

Or if you ever just wondered if you could cut it at MIT… here’s your chance to see what they are studying there. Information is great, free information is even better. There is no reason not to educate yourself if you really want the knowledge.

Free MIT Online Catalog

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Why do some developers make their code so complicated?

I’m following another developer on a site that I’m working on and I’m seeing the same old thing.. needless complication. I always wonder why developers see the need to make things so complicated. Sites built this way are difficult to program, enhance, and support.

And I’m not talking about extremely advanced functionality either.  The site I’m looking at today is a simple reporting application for clients to view their information.  It should be a very simple implementation, but it’s not at all.

[note class=”info”]Rumor has it that the previous developer went to jail.  I think he should be in jail for this mess of code he left behind.  At this point, it is probably easier to just start over from scratch than to fix what he left behind.[/note]

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