Are You Ready For A Content Management System?

The evolution of websites has included several clear phases in capabilities and company strategy. The phases have been driven by advances in technology and software advancements. It’s clear that there is another huge shift taking place now and this is a great time to take advantage of the shift in cost and capabilities.

Phase 1 – The Emergence of the Web
Company Owners – “What is the web? What is a website? We gotta have one too.”
Website Technology – Flat HTML websites
CMS Techonlogy – No real good options

Phase 2 – Faster Internet Access
Company Owners – “We can put our marketing materials online?”
Website Technology – Better graphical tools produced web based brochure sites
CMS Technology – Some great content management systems, very expensive

Phase 3 – Custom Websites
Company Owners – “We need a custom site.”
Website Technology – Databases and custom developers. Expensive to produce and support.
CMS Technology – CMS still very expensive, developers make most content changes.

Phase 4 – The Emergence of the Affordable CMS
Company Owners – “We can manage our own content and it won’t cost a fortune?”
Website Technology – Many CMS options with lots of available plug-in components.
CMS Technology – CMS are affordable and development times drastically decreased.

We are in Phase 4 now and many companies are realizing the benefits of having a site built around a content management system. It is now more affordable to build a site around a content management system than to build it from scratch. Here are some benefits of using a content management system:

  • Ability to easily manage your own content
  • Easy to add in new functionality to enhance your site
  • Built for tremendous search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social networking built-in, integration with Facebook
  • Easy to create a community around your product
  • Cheaper to produce and maintain
  • Standard technology that can be updated to latest versions
  • Easy to add blogs, connections to Twitter, and YouTube video
  • Interactive website, no longer just a brochure that rarely changes
  • You don’t have to rely on a developer to change your site content

It is a new time for companies and their approach to the internet. It’s time to build a community around your product and capture the flow of information and traffic before your competitor does. It is a different model now and your customers are looking for more than a brochure site to give them basic information.

[note class=”info”]With changes in CMS technology, you can easily take your internet strategy to the next level with a platform that will support your current needs but be able to scale with you as you grow. It’s now very affordable to put a CMS in place customized for your needs.

Other benefits include being able to edit your content in a Word-like application where you don’t need to know HTML or any other web technology formats. It’s WYSIWYG so what you see is what you get on the site. You can also change to a new design and use your existing content. Upgrading to a new site look and feel is easy and painless!

The CMS systems are open source and they are available to use without license fees. Open source means that you don’t have expensive software purchases up front or have to worry about the costs of upgrading to the latest version or yearly software costs! They also mean your time to market is much quicker and less expensive than deploying a website has ever been in the past.

[note class=”info”]The new CMS options are tremendous and open up exciting capabilities for any size business. They can make smaller companies appear larger and compete with much larger competitors on a level playing field. The companies who realize this huge shift and take advantage of these capabilities first can capture markets before others in the industry move in this direction.[/note]

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